Homeowners in humid regions always seem to be in a dilemma about which flooring to get. Especially those in the Rio Grande Valley due to its all-year mild to extremely hot weather.

Of all the types of flooring for homes, it gets difficult for you to choose one that can withstand the humidity and remain in good shape for years.

In most South Texas locations, porcelain tiles are the best flooring option. Porcelain tiles provide all-year comfort and last longer.

While you may be picturing tiles as the only option for bathrooms and kitchen. New trends and tile design, more so with porcelain, can be installed throughout the house.

Here are 5 compelling advantages of porcelain tiles over other floor types:

1. Absorbs Very Little Moisture

House interiors in wet areas tend to retain moisture. This makes floors susceptible to damage in the long run. Non-porcelain floors are more susceptible to this type of moisture damage.

The porcelain tile composition offers natural resistance against moisture. This makes them a perfect flooring choice for homes in South Texas.

Hardwood flooring is susceptible to retaining large amounts of water as well as facilitating mold growth. In contrast, porcelain floors absorb very little moisture. Additionally, they are particularly ideal if you have children or pets in the house that often cause disorderly spills on the floor.

2. Harder and More Durable

Porcelain may look like a delicate material. Often, it may even be regarded as such. But porcelain tile is actually a highly-durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant type of flooring.

Porcelain is manufactured at a very high temperature. This makes it more durable and harder than other types of materials used for floors.

Its water-resistant nature and almost nonexistent maintenance and repairs, makes it the go-to flooring option for homes in South Texas climate. Installed by a professional using an equally quality grout, your porcelain tiles can last for decades without posing major issues.

3. Low Maintenance

Porcelain tile flooring may be pricier compared to other available flooring options. But in the long run you end up saving more money due to less care expenses. The higher upfront costs make up for the significant savings you can make on its low maintenance. Porcelain tile seldom gets major repairs. You’ll only need a low budget to fix minor abrasion.

Since it is moisture-resistant, long-term maintenance and regular cleaning are simple tasks. All you need to clean your porcelain flooring are a mild detergent and a mop; you have a great looking floor for many years to come.

4. Porcelain Tile Keeps Rooms Cool

Summer times in McAllen and other Rio Grande Valley cities come with the hot weather and high humidity in the air; people take to the pool to cool off. However, when even a few minutes in the outdoors become unbearable, there is nothing to do than take shelter indoors.

But the humid climate gets carried into the home, too, and moisture-retaining flooring can wreak havoc and put a damper on your mood. But when you are surrounded by porcelain tiles, it keeps all the rooms so much cooler than other materials.

5. Endless Flooring Design Options

Porcelain flooring is available in various textures and styles. These styles can suit the tastes of each homeowner. Some tiles mimic the texture of hardwood flooring. While offering the same high level of sophistication with added benefits.

Porcelain can also be engineered to replicate the aesthetic and qualities of stone, cement, and other materials. You can even go for a combination of colors and styles, and customize as per your need and lifestyle. All styles nicely matching the RGV home styles.


We completely recommend tiles as the best flooring materials for homes in the Rio Grande Valley’s climate. Compared to other types of home flooring, tile flooring offers a hard surface flooring and aesthetic appeal.

In terms of durability and versatility, it can be used in many ways and comes in many styles. It needs minimal cleanup and maintenance, handles the hot weather well, and lasts for decades. What more can a homeowner ask for? Discover Gilsa’s porcelain tile options.