Your home is a part of your soul. It is a place that represents you and somewhere you can be your real, authentic self. So why should you settle for a mediocre setting for your home? Why not spruce things up with a little jazz and jive and dazzle your guests with sights that delight? Too much? The suggestions we have for you won’t be. In fact, whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a two-storeyed home, these suggestions are going to perk-up your place’s panache profoundly.


Ready? Here we go!


1. Add Some Art to your Home Décor

Not everyone can afford a Monet or a Van Gogh. But you don’t need those fancy names anyway. What you need is something fab and catchy. It can be commercial or indie depending on your style. For example, you can get the really popular three-piece paneled art. You can also make one yourself. Or just download a pic you like from the internet, get a sizeable print of it, cut it up into three pieces and frame it on your wall. Presto!


2. The Magic of Minimalism

Minimalism is IN right now and it is not going away anytime soon. So, if you have a rack you need to fill at home, choose just the right kind of things you want to put in there. Pick up only your most favorite books, your most eye-catching showpiece, and your favorite earthen pots or vases. Complement or contrast with the color and texture of your rack. Play with the visual appeal, experiment, and find out what makes your stuff really stand out!


3. Light it Up!

The way your room lights up has a major impact on its overall ambiance and appeal, so check out different types of lights you can install in your home. For an oriental look, you can go for Chinese lamps. Or pick out a fitting lampshade from your local thrift store. You can even make one of your own if you have the time. Whatever you do, remember to customize your home to make you feel like it belongs to you!


4. Find Fantastic Furniture

Your furniture is an integral part of your home. It has to be in the same spirit as the overall appeal of your rooms. Pick out furniture that perfectly complements the walls, lights, and shades in your rooms. You don’t need to spend big bucks on it, just enough to manage the space in your rooms efficiently and strike a balance between style and functionality.


5. Fix your Feng Shui

Sometimes it’s great to have things that don’t match put together. At other times, it’s just wrong. But above all else, you need to feel perfectly at peace with everything in your house. If something bothers you, change it. Shift things around to reflect your present mood. There is no single ideal setting for your home, so let your senses guide you to the perfect setting.


With these simple guidelines, you can change the whole mood of your home and make it more stylish. Still looking for more? Here’s what you need to know for selecting bathroom tiles. See our natural stone tiles.