Your kitchen is the most unassuming space in your house. And while most of your guests may not see the kitchen too much, it seems okay not to dish out on the design of the kitchen, and we don’t blame you for thinking this way. But after you’ve read this article, the first thing you’ll want to do is go ahead and remodel your kitchen with our tile ideas to make your kitchen’s backsplash stand out and add some more zing to your cooking area. Ready to make more tasteful decisions?

Small is the new big

For a look that is intricate and keeps things interesting for your kitchen’s background, decorative accents are the way to go, mostly because of their customization options. But make sure you apply this style only if your cabinets are a pale color, such as white or gray, as they’ll blend well and make your backsplash stand out.

Add some international look to your kitchen

Take inspiration from international design styles such as the ever-popular Moroccan lantern shape that makes for a modern and elegant design, acting as a backdrop for your kitchen space. Clean and sophisticated, these shapely porcelain tiles for kitchen offer an added touch of detail to your kitchen without having to stand out and block out the rest of the elements. For a subdued look that accentuates a minimal and simplistic look, this is the way to go.

Go natural

Green and brown hues add not only a natural color scheme to the look of your kitchen, but the mix of light and dark shades will help in giving the kitchen a more outdoorsy look. For a plain white space, this burst of color will do wonders and instantly uplift the mood of the kitchen. Add some life to your cooking area with natural accents that keep it lively and fresh, like a hand-tossed salad.

Take advantage of the contrast

A two-tone color palette will make your kitchen tiles stand out and makes it look modern and distinguished. For example, if you’ve got white cabinets and shelves, invest in glossy, black tiles for your backsplash. Add a dash of granite countertops and white kitchen cabinets and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a beautiful kitchen setup. You can optionally use dark brown or maroon tiles to contrast the white with wooden floors to add a bit of warmth and atmosphere to the room.

Shine bright like a diamond

If your kitchen follows a traditional approach to design with the use of cabinets and shelves and uses vintage colors, you might want to consider complementing that with a background of shimmer to enhance the taste of the aesthetic. Ornate, delicate kitchen fittings will stand out more and look rustic, thanks to the neutral tones of the backsplash. Onyx mosaic tiles are the way to go for a luxurious look.

Get Set, with insets

Take the next step with your backsplash by adding another layer of design with the help of insets that further enhance your kitchen’s look and break away from the monotonous design that is otherwise prevalent in the rest of the backsplash. These insets can be accented differently and can have a contrasting tone as well if you’d like, and keep the overall look of the kitchen interesting.

That’s all, if you follow the above guidelines, you can change the whole mood of your kitchen and make it more lively.