Ceramic Tile

Multi-surface Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a type of tile that is typically made from red or white clay. Ceramic tile can be used in several areas throughout the house. The tile is coated with a special glaze that protects and seals it. This keeps the tile from absorbing stains while improving the durability of each piece. The glaze is also what gives ceramic tile its color and pattern. Several ceramic tile designs and sizes are available. With almost 80 years in business, discover why we provide the best ceramic tile in McAllen and San Juan, Tx!

Ceramic Tile for Kitchen

The right ceramic tile flooring can take any kitchen design from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

Subway look ceramic tile for kitchen
Subway Look
Bright colors ceramic tile for kitchen
Bright Colors
Glazed tile ceramic tile for kitchen
Glazed Tile
Wall Deco
Geometric deco ceramic tile for kitchen
Geometric Deco
Backsplash ceramic tile for kitchen

Kitchen cabinetry with ceramic tiles wall

Ceramic Tile for Bathroom

Our ceramic tile is the perfect choice for your bathroom project. We carry the highest quality tile at an affordable price!

Elegant bathroom with modern ceramic tiles

Pattern style ceramic tile for bathroom
Pattern Style
Hexagon ceramic tile for bathroom
Hexagon Ceramic
Polished waves ceramic tile for bathroom
Polished Waves
Modern ceramic tile for bathroom
Modern Tile
Subway glazed look ceramic tile for bathroom
Subway Glazed Look
Pattern backsplash ceramic tile for bathroom
Pattern Backsplash

Ceramic Tile for Dining Room

Make a bold design statement by using our beautiful, high quality ceramic tile as part of your dining room decoration scheme.

Modern looking dining room with grey ceramic tiles

Concrete style ceramic tile for dining room
Concrete Style
all-purpose ceramic tile
All-Purpose Tile
Marble look ceramic tile for dining room
Marble Look
Vintage ceramic tile for dining room
Vintage Ceramic
Natural stone look ceramic tile for dining room
Natural Stone Look
Floor & wall ceramic tile for dining room
Floor & Wall

Ceramic Tile for Patio & Outdoors

Shop a wide variety of beautiful and durable outdoor ceramic tile flooring for your patio and other applications.

Adobe look ceramic tile for patio
Adobe Look
Mexican pavers ceramic tile for patio
Mexican Pavers
Glazed ceramic tile for patio
Glazed Ceramic
Wood look ceramic tile for patio
Wood Look
Patterns and colors ceramic tile for patio
Patterns & Colors
Classic heavy-traffic ceramic tile for patio
Classic Heavy-Traffic

Outdoor patio with ceramic flooring

Ceramic Tile for Office

If you’re looking to update up your office, you can modernize it by choosing from our quality ceramic tile flooring.

Modern office with ceramic tile flooring

Black & white ceramic tile for office
Black & White
Classic white glazed ceramic tile for office
Classic White Glazed
Neutral cream ceramic tile for office
Neutral Cream
Cement look ceramic tile for office
Cement Look
Marble look ceramic tile for office
Marble Look
Terracota look ceramic tile for office
Terracota Look

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