Porcelain Tile


Add a stylish touch to any room with porcelain flooring. It is ideal for its beauty and versatility and can also
be used in any room in your house. Porcelain is an excellent choice to decorate walls as well. With almost 80 years in business, discover Gilsa’s top indoor porcelain tile and oudoor porcelain.

Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Porcelain is a popular choice for bathroom floors because this beautiful material offers outstanding stain and water resistance.

Bathroom mirror with porcelain tiles in wall

Polished high-gloss porcelain tile
Polished /
High Gloss
Field creme porcelain tile
Field Creme
Tile-style polished porcelain tile
Tile Style Polished
Glazed and textured porcelain tile
Glazed & Textured
Vintage style matte porcelain tile
Vintage Style Matte
Stone finish look porcelain tile
Stone Finish Look

Porcelain tile for kitchen

Chosen by its hardness, durability, water-resistance and stain resistance, porcelain tile is ideal for your kitchen. Your kitchen design dreams will take flight when you look through the range of styles, shapes, and colors in our inventory.

Pattern glazed porcelain tile for kitchen
Pattern Glazed
Hexagon style porcelain tile for kitchen
Hexagon Style
Multi-surface porcelain tile for kitchen
Rustic-style porcelain tile for kitchen
Multi-surface porcelain tile for kitchen
Multicolor porcelain tile for kitchen

Fancy kitchen with porcelain tiles

Porcelain Tile for Bedroom

Take the beauty and durability of porcelain tile into your bedrooms with our outstanding selection of durable, long-lasting porcelain flooring.

Bedroom with modern chandelier and tiles

subway style porcelain tile for bedroom
Subway Style
Wood style porcelain tile for bedroom
Wood Style
Rustic Wall Cover porcelain tile for bedroom
Rustic Wall Cover
Metal Look porcelain tile for bedroom
Metal Look
French Wood porcelain tile for bedroom
French Wood
Unpolished Linen porcelain tile for bedroom
Unpolished Linen

Porcelain Tile for Pools

Create a gorgeous pool that everyone in the neighborhood will envy with porcelain tile that has been selected for its quality.

Mosaic style porcelain tiles for pool
Mosaic Style
Pattern design porcelain tile for pool
Pattern Design
Classic Blue Style porcelain tile for pool
Classic Blue Style
Marine cover porcelain tile for pool
Marine Cover
Aquatic Multi-Surface porcelain tile for pool
Aquatic Multi-Surface
Modern Metallic porcelain tile for pool
Modern Metallic

Indoor pool and spa with porcelain tile

Porcelain Tile for Living Rooms

We have the highest quality porcelain tile for your living room in a multitude of types, style, shapes, sizes, and so much more!

Modern looking living room with white flooring tiles

Marble Style porcelain tiles for living room
Marble Style
Dark contemporary porcelain tiles for living room
Dark Contemporary
French cottage porcelain tiles for living room
French Cottage
Heavy-traffic porcelain tiles for living room
Classic all-surface porcelain tile for living room
Classic All-Surface
Light sand porcelain tile for living room
Light Sand

Porcelain Tile for Patio and Outdoors

Our porcelain tile is ideal for exterior designs including patios, decks, pools, and other areas where low maintenance tile is desired.

Exterior style porcelain tiles for outdoors
Exterior Style
Rustic modern porcelain tiles for outdoors
Rustic Modern
Wood look modern porcelain tile for outdoors
Wood Look Modern
Cement look porcelain tile for outdoors
Cement Look
Travertine look porcelain tile for outdoors
Travertine Look
Wall and tile crafted porcelain tile for outdoors
Wall & Tile Crafted

Rustic modern patio with porcelain flooring

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